News One Font Doesn't Fit All

One Font Doesn’t Fit All!

Reading Text Formats Improve Comprehension   What if a simple change to text format could help students comprehend more?   There is growing evidence that the best text style is different for each individual. Text features such as shape, size and spacing impact individuals differently. Readability Matters is proud to announce the publication of our…

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News Better Reading Implementation Study Announced - University of Oregon, ReadWorks, Readability Matters, Loyola Marymount University - iDEAL Institute

Readability Matters Partners with Literacy Experts to Improve Reading Outcomes

Better Reading Implementation Study Announced The University of Oregon, ReadWorks, LMU iDEAL Institute, and Readability Matters   August 8, 2023 – Readability Matters, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving readability for all, is partnering with literacy experts, funding research to improve educational outcomes through personalized reading solutions. Personalized reading formats are the next offering in…

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Posts The Future of EdTEch, Readability Features

Future EdTech: Readability Features Improve Reading Outcomes

Students need the Features to Personalize their Text Formats   Education is changing dramatically, requiring significantly more digital reading and learning. The shift to online learning, the increased availability of high-speed internet, and the rising demand for personalized learning are all contributing to record growth. In fact, the global EdTech market is expected to grow…

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