Engineering For Better Reading Performance Improves Educational Outcomes

July 22nd, 2:35-3:35 pm Pacific Time

IEEE Standards Association  | ICICLE

International Consortium for Innovation and Collaboration in Learning Engineering

Engineering For Better Reading Performance Improves Educational Outcomes

The team will introduce the importance of personalizing text formats to improve reading speed, accuracy, comprehension and learning. Research demonstrates that simple typographical changes to format can produce a 20% increase in reading speed and a simultaneous 20% increase in reading comprehension. A student should not complete reading or assessment tasks in a one-format-fits-all model when the text format may be impeding their performance.

Moving personalized reading technologies to the mainstream requires that solutions be envisioned, developed, and implemented. Together, the panelists will discuss the evolution and expansion of the work to engineer better reading outcomes spanning tech, edTech, research and nonprofit organizations. By applying data and learning engineering principles, these collaborative efforts aim to create more effective and inclusive reading and learning solutions for all.

The panelists will discuss efforts to create more effective reading and learning solutions, including Adobe’s work to engineer and deploy readability features in the Adobe Reader product and a new implementation pilot conducted by Readability Matters and ReadWorks.

Participants will be invited to share observations, ask questions, and join in building the better reading movement.

IEEE ICICLE Learning Engineering Conference


Kathy Crowley, Co-Founder, Readability MattersKathy Crowley
Readability Matters

Dr. Susanne Nobles, Chief Academic Officer, ReadWorksDr. Susanne Nobles
Chief Academic Officer

Rick Treitman, Entrepreneur in Residence, AdobeRick Treitman
Entrepreneur in Residence



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