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Updated: August 31, 2022

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Virtual Readability Lab


The Virtual Readability Lab, developed by the University of Central Florida for research purposes, allows adults to participate in 5-minute reading tests. These tests determine the font or character spacing that help adults read faster, be more efficient and enjoy reading more.

Visit the Virtual Readability LabPrevious Readability Matters’ studies have shown these features are valuable to children. The longer-term goal is to expand this test platform to include a full set of materials leveled for K-12 students and their teachers, as well as content appropriate for specific audiences.

Pardon the dust! The VRL is currently undergoing updates. Soon users will again be able to use the lab to determine their preferred font, fastest font, and best character spacing.

Use Readability Features for both reading and writing whenever they are available; ask your digital content providers to add Readability Features where they are not available.

University of Central Florida
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Readability Matters

Find Your Best Format - Virtual Readability Lab


We are studying individualized reading formats – changes to fonts, text sizes, character and line spacings, that can create more enjoyable and efficient reading experiences. We welcome you to participate in our short studies. Each study will teach you something about how you can read better – whether it is by recommending a font or a character spacing that you will enjoy more or that helps you read faster.

The original architect of the VRL was Shaun Wallace, a Ph.D. candidate at Brown University and an Adobe intern. Shaun is a researcher with a focus on HCI and Big Data systems. Visit Shaun’s website.

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