Better Readability
for Business

Readability for business

Business information can be formatted for the user, enhancing employee productivity, efficiency and accuracy. Offering personalization of customer-facing information can create a better experience for customers and may reduce support costs.

Reading Productivity

The explosion of the Internet with new devices and applications creates new opportunities for companies to interact and connect with their employees and customers. While previously delivered on paper, business information is now generally delivered electronically. Companies have been transforming their content for the digital world, making the right information available at the right time.

The next step is to enable individuals to personalize their text, creating opportunities for improved accuracy and greater comprehension.

↑ productivity

↑ accuracy

↑ safety


Google's Commitment to Improving Readability

Optimizing Electronic Health Records Through Readability

Benefits of Text Format Personalization

The move to more digital workplaces offers new opportunities to improve employee and customer reading experiences.

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Better Employee Facing Information = Productivity


↑ accuracy   ↑ safety   ↓ fatigue

Companies facilitating an employee’s personalization of content, including email, documents, and other systems-based information will have a positive impact on the work. Allowing employees to read in their best text format will empower them to be the most effective they can be.

Better reading can deliver higher employee accuracy and less rework in many contexts. In the medical context, less errors translate to higher accuracy that may improve patient outcomes.

Additionally, better reading means less fatigue for those working with significant quantities of text and numbers. Will a financial analyst make better predictions?

Better Customer Facing Information = Lower Support Costs and Increased Customer Loyalty


↑ engagement   ↓frustration

It is essential to optimize the customer experience in today’s highly competitive market. Delivering content in a way that allows the personalization of customer-facing documentation improves the customer experience creating increased loyalty and goodwill. Will the resulting improved relationships with customers help drive long-term business success?

Further, if customers find that documentation is more usable, support costs may be reduced as they become more willing to look for the information they need without company assistance.

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