Readability Matters is a tech-for-good nonprofit organization with the mission to engage an ecosystem of partners to deliver personalized reading environments, empowering everyone everywhere to achieve more.

readability definition

Readability is about the reader – the ease with which a reader can successfully decipher, process, and make meaning of the text read.

Typographical Features are Critical

Letter shape, size, and spacing all meaningfully impact reading fluency and comprehension. Better readability is the gateway to enhanced learning and greater productivity.

Make small changes to text format and improve your ability to read quickly and accurately. Get more done. Be the best reader you can be.

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What could you do with better reading?

Strong readers and struggling readers, adults and children, all have the potential to experience improved reading outcomes using personalized text formats.

Let’s put the option for better reading into the hands of those who work with text and numbers, seek knowledge, learn in school and enjoy reading.

The insights from Readability Matters expanded our thinking about reading performance and the ways that Adobe may be able to contribute to better reading outcomes for people of all ages and abilities.
Rick Treitman
Entrepreneuer in Residence, Adobe
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Readability Matters Strategies: Ignite Research, Expand Implementation, Build a Movement

To make personalized reading formats a reality, we must work across sectors. We need to bring together educators, publishers, technologists, policymakers, and researchers to create a shared vision for the future of reading. Together, we can build a world where everyone has the opportunity to be the best reader they can be.


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Readability researcher evaluates data

Research Demonstrates

  • There is no single best text format for reading; there is a best format for each individual
  • Using personalized reading formats:
      • Adults can gain up to 10 pages per hour
        (Wallace et al, 2020)
      • Children gain an average of 20% in speed of comprehension
        (Sheppard et al, 2023)


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Readability for All

Readability for All
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