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Developed by DARPA engineers with a long history of digital tutor development, the Exquisitive Tutor offers individualized, immersive learning for unrivaled results.

Engage with Exquisitive Tutor’s Readability Explorer to learn about your best reading text format. The Explorer will walk you through selections, allowing you to experience the difference a change to font, character width, and character spacing can make for you.

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Readability Matters appreciates the partnership of the team at Exquisitive. They have deep expertise in creating effective learning modules combined with a platform carefully architected for data analysis. The team had already observed the difference a change to font could make for their users as they had offered font choice and seen it used to improve outcomes for learners. Together, we can explore new ways of assessing personalized reading formats in a naturalistic environment. Assessment is a necessary first step for educational use.


Future Plans

This first release of the Readability Explorer demonstrates the possibility of delivering text format personalization assessment in an interactive tool. It explores reader preferences related to character width and spacing. Future enhancements will add additional readability features (size and line spacing, for example), additional grade levels, and assess reading speed and comprehension to refine and deliver text format personalization recommendations. When complete, the Readability Explorer will be added to other Exquisitive Tutor modules.

Watch for updates as Readability Matters and Exquisitive continue to evolve the tool, helping everyone become the best reader they can be.

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*Note: These Exquisitive Tutor modules were designed for use on a computer and may not function well on mobile devices.

About Exquisitive: Exquisitive fosters individual potential through innovative learning technologies and approaches. Key team members drove the groundbreaking DARPA Digital Tutor Program, which demonstrated that intelligent tutoring can match or exceed one-on-one human instruction in teaching complex subjects. The company now brings this level of proven effectiveness to new educational domains. Exquisitive is pioneering a tutoring-first educational paradigm with its advanced Tutor platform and experience creation tools, designed to elevate achievement while making learning engaging and illuminating.

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