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Reading apps are evolving rapidly. A variety of Readability features are appearing in many of them. While someday soon your reading application will help you adjust the text to your best reading format, waiting for further research and development can be frustrating.

The Readability Matters Aa ReportIf you know you want to use a specific reading performance improvement feature, where can you find it? Which reading app makes you the best reader you can be? No app offers a full set of features today; readers can refer to the chart below to find the app with their favorite features.

The Readability Aa Report

Readability Hacks

* Includes annotation using highlighting or free-form notes.

1 Adobe Acrobat Reader on mobile platforms through the app stores and Play Store compatible Chromebooks have added Liquid Mode with Reading Controls, including many options for character spacing. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free. Desktop versions offer annotation.
2 The Kindle reading app is available for PC, Mac, and mobile devices.
3 Google Play Books App includes note-taking on Android and Chromebook.
 4 Immersive Reader is available in Microsoft OneNote (and Word), including the free web versions. Access the free version of MS Office, and OneNote for PC and Mac. Immersive Reader in OneNote offers 3 fonts and 1 character spacing option.
5 Google Reader Mode is an embedded Chrome option: How to enable Google Chrome’s secret ‘reader mode’ for distraction-free reading
6 The Microsoft Immersive Reader extension is offered on Edge and Chrome.
7 Mozilla Firefox Reader View offers 2 font options.
8 Row reflects Overdrive in bowser; (Overdrive also allows open in Kindle app.) Page width setting is 1 or 2 column, and adjusts with browser window width.
9 is a Chrome Extension for reading web content. Highlighting and Notes are included in the Pro version.

5 Reading Tech Tips for Back to School

Educators, try these no-cost reading tools today and see the difference they can make for your student’s reading speed, accuracy, and comprehension.
Adobe is the first technology partner to team with Readability Matters to explore the benefits of “tuning your text” — of customizing reading formats to enhance reading performance for a better overall reading experience with text.

Reading Settings

Tune Your Text
Adjust Readability Features to Improve Readability

  • Base Font
  • Size
  • Character Spacing
  • Character Width
  • Character Weight
  • Line Spacing
  • and more…
Example of Base Font change
Example of text size change
Example of character spacing change
Example of character width change
Example of character weight change
Example of line spacing change

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