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Elevate Reading Performance

The world is growing increasingly more digital; from education to the workplace, to news and media, the demands for reading digital text expand daily. In the face of this large demand for reading, nearly 2/3 of the population could be better at reading. This trend begins in fourth grade and extends through life. (The Nation’s Report Card)

Research over the last 80 years shows that subtle changes to text format can create dramatic changes in reading speed, accuracy, and comprehension. This is true across young and old, good and poor readers, and those with good vision. Generally, the research is not considered; maximizing performance should be the new goal.

Current reading platforms do not allow for easy personalization of reading format. The necessary Readability Features (ability to control size, shape and spacing of text) are missing. That’s why Readability Matters exists – to advocate for readers of all types to have the ability to ‘tune their text.’

We Build Better Reading

Coming from tech business backgrounds, we created Readability Matters out of a shared passion to shift reading outcomes for adults and children, making them the best readers they can be. Better readers are more confident and have more educational, career and life opportunities. When we invest in raising individual reading performance, everyone benefits.

Our goal is to shift the reading paradigm to user-selected formats that increase performance. We drive change by convening players in the reading ecosystem to implement needed advances. We want to share what we know, and learn with you. Readability Matters values innovation, collaboration, rigorous analysis, and evidence-based decision making.

We are grateful for the many mentors and advisors that have been a part of the journey. Many people have donated time, resources, strategic thought and insight to advance the work. All of this is possible thanks to the many reading visionaries who explored new methods and advanced knowledge in this area. Their work over the past 20 years has created new possibilities.

Let’s elevate reading performance to expand worlds!
Kathy Crowley and Marjorie Jordan


We imagine a world where everyone has easy access to reading material personalized to make them the best reader they can be


We build better reading.
Our mission is to engage an ecosystem of partners to deliver personalized reading environments, empowering everyone everywhere to achieve more.

Our Primary Strategies

Readability Matters ignites research to improve implementation recommendations. New infrastructure is necessary to support the scalability of individual reading formats for implementation in education, business, and beyond. Policies, systems, and thinking must change to drive the use of personalized reading formats to the mainstream. Cross-sector teams must create standards and systems to ensure consistent delivery.

Strategy 1

Engage independent researchers to expand understanding of Readability Feature impacts. Develop data-driven implementation recommendations.

Strategy 2

Increase availability through tech and publishing companies adding Readability Features and reader profiles to their platforms. Sponsor supporting tool development.

Strategy 3

Drive the use of personalized reading to the mainstream. New standards are required. Policies, systems, and thinking must change.

Readability Matters Iterative Strategies

Expected Outcomes

Readability Matters’ ultimate goals are to deliver increased engagement and success for student learners and efficiency and productivity for knowledge workers.


See the Theory of Change article for more detail.

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