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Elevate Reading Performance

In this information era—with myriad ways to receive information, ideas, advice, and news— the demands for reading digital text expand daily. It is widely accepted that reading is one of the most efficient and effective ways to acquire and assimilate information.

We Build Better Reading

Coming from tech business backgrounds, we created Readability Matters out of a shared passion to shift reading outcomes for adults and children, making them the best readers they can be. Better readers are more confident and have more educational, career and life opportunities. When we invest in raising individual reading performance, everyone benefits.

Our goal is to shift the reading paradigm to user-selected formats that increase performance. We drive change by convening players in the reading ecosystem to implement needed advances. We want to share what we know, and learn with you. Readability Matters values innovation, collaboration, rigorous analysis, and evidence-based decision making.

Let’s elevate reading performance to expand worlds!
Kathy Crowley and Marjorie Jordan
Founders, Readability Matters


We imagine a world where everyone has easy access to reading material personalized to make them the best reader they can be


We build better reading.
Our mission is to engage an ecosystem of partners to deliver personalized reading environments, empowering everyone everywhere to achieve more.

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