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Many different audio signals can be adjusted for a better sound experience. In the same way, visual components of text format can be adjusted to create a better reading experience. Technology offers new opportunities for you as an individual to Tune Your Text, improving readability and your reading performance.

Readability Matters' Sandbox 2.0Readability Features control character size, shape, and spacing. Historically, fonts have been used to address reader preference for different character shapes, stroke weights, and inter-character spacing. Using a selection of fonts with additional reader controls for these adjustments delivers more benefits for the reader. Additionally, control of text size, line spacing, and background color also deliver significant advantages. The text format that makes you the best reader is at the intersection of these Readability settings.

Try tuning your text in the Readability Matters Demo Sandbox.

Ask reading application providers and publishers to give you access to Readability Features, so you can Tune Your Text to enjoy reading more, and to get more done.


There is no single best font or text format for all readers; personalization is required.
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