Readability Matters at the Adobe Education Leader’s Summit

Adobe Education Leader's Summit 2020


Marjorie Jordan, Readability Matters Founder, joined partners Rick Treitman of Adobe, Ben D. Sawyer of the University of Central Florida, and Shelley Rodrigo of the University of Arizona to present their collective readability work at the virtual Adobe Education Leader’s Summit. The Adobe Education team and fellow educators from around the globe joined together to learn more about Adobe products, provide feedback, and share classroom insights.

The team presented their work in the digital reading space, discussing relevant research, the new Virtual Readability Lab (see below), and the University of Arizona’s program use of it. The newly launched program at U of A uses the VRL to introduce freshmen to the opportunity to enhance readability.


About the Virtual Readability Lab (VRL):

  • The online Virtual Readability Lab provided by Adobe, the University of Central Florida, and Readability Matters allows readers to participate in 5 minute reading tests. These tests determine the font or character spacing that helps readers read faster or enjoy reading more.
  • Instructors interested in using the VRL with their class should contact the Lab through the website.


About the Adobe Education Leaders
The Adobe Education Leaders program is an exclusive community of innovative thought leaders in education who effectively use Adobe tools to promote excellence and critical problem solving.