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Q4 2023
TIME Best Invention: Adobe Liquid Mode + New Research

TIME Magazine, Best Inventions of 2023: PDFs for the People, Adobe Liquid Mode
Q4 2023 Issue

Past Issues

Q3 2023
Better Readability in the News

The Washington Post: What’s your type? Try these tests to pick the perfect font for you. See how fonts change the way you read and write.
Q3 2023 Issue

Q2 2023
Google Chrome Reading Mode announced + new research

Google Chrome Reading Mode Announced
Q2 2023 Issue

Q1 2023
Promising readability research updates, and more…

The Readability Press, Q1 2023: 28 Experts join forces
Q1 2023 Issue

Dec 2022
New Readability Wiki, TRC research associates named…

Readability Press December 2020
December 2022 Issue

Nov 2022
Readability Researchers in the News and more…

Readability Press Nov 2022
Nov 2022 Issue

Oct 2022
Readability in Education. Learn More, Get More Done!

Nation's Report Card - Reading Down 5 points

Oct 2022 Issue

Sept 2022
Reinventing How We Read Podcast and more news…

Reinventing How We Read Podcast

 Sept 2022 Issue


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