With a story about his grandchildren, prescription eyeglasses, and readability, Adobe Entrepreneur in Residence, Rick Treitman launched the Adobe Readability blog. Rick Treitman, AdobeThe article, Read Different: User-centered Approaches Improve Reading for All highlights Adobe’s investments in readability product functionality and research.

In September, Adobe announced the addition of Liquid Mode to Reader, allowing the reader to reflow a PDF to support better reading on mobile devices. Also included are Reading Settings that allow the reader to enlarge text, character spacing, and line spacing. Noting that this work has raised more questions than answers, Rick discusses the new Virtual readability Lab at the University of Central Florida.

Visit the Adobe Readability page:  Adobe.com/go/readability

Read the post: Read different: User-centered approaches improve reading for all


About Adobe
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About Rick Treitman
Rick Treitman, Entrepreneur in Residence, Adobe.

Rick started his professional career as a High School English and media teacher and published the first-ever computer-typeset student newspaper in 1975.

Rick is currently Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Document Cloud – specializing in Education. Rick’s work as EIR involves early-stage development of tools and solutions for Adobe’s customers. Current projects include readability controls in Acrobat and establishing the Virtual Readability Lab at the University of Central Florida.

He was a founder of Virtual Ubiquity, acquired by Adobe in 2007. Virtual Ubiquity created Buzzword, one of the first cloud-based word processors. Prior to VU, Rick was the owner of Softpro Books – a Boston area technical bookstore chain catering to high tech professionals. He was an early employee of Lotus Development where he had several positions including Director of Product Management and Marketing for various product groups.

Rick lives in Lexington, MA with his wife, Cantor Louise Treitman. They have three daughters and six grandchildren. When not working, he’s usually on his bike or in the kitchen.