Readability Matters Partners with the EdTech Center @ WorldEd
to make a Change Agent article available in our Readability Sandbox

Readability Matters is pleased to feature a fun article from The Change Agent, a magazine published for adult learners and their educators in our Readability Sandbox. Our partners at the EdTech Center @ World Education are working with adult educators to explore the impact of greater readability of text. They will use this article to demonstrate Readability Features to educators in their network.

The Change Agent in the Readability SandboxThe New England Literacy Resource Center, also a part of WorldEd, publishes The Change Agent. They work to provide a low-cost teaching resource that features writings by adult learners and inspires adult educators and learners to make civic participation and social justice part of their teaching and learning.

We highlight an article from the March 2021 issue of The Change Agent, written by Tweety Hsiao. Tweety explores the unexpected benefits of joining a book club in her piece, “The Ripple Effects of Attending Book Club.” Enjoy Tweety’s article here.



About WorldEd: In the United States, World Education supports older youth and adult learners by strengthening the educators, organizations, and systems that serve them. World Education is a national leader in building the adult education system’s capacity to provide high-quality instruction and advising for adult learners.

The EdTech Center @ World Education was launched to leverage new digital technologies to increase the reach and impact of adult education. The staff collaborates to design and implement projects using educational technologies to increase the education, career, and life outcomes of lower-skilled adults and youth.

The Change Agent is the bi-annual publication of The New England Literacy Resource Center at World Education. Each issue of the paper helps teachers incorporate social justice content into their curriculum. NELRC strives to publish materials accessible to adult learners; the paper is designed for intermediate-level ESOL, ABE, GED, and adult diploma classes. Each issue focuses on a different topic that is relevant to learners’ lives.

About Tweety Hsiao: Tweety Hsiao is a student at Project Read in San Mateo, CA. She was born in Taiwan and has two master’s degrees in Taxation and Public Finance. She loves reading and writing, as she believes that reading can take her everywhere, and writing can unlock her imagination.