Tune Your Text for Leisure

“I didn’t know what I was missing until I saw the difference that text I had tuned could make. I am faster at reading now, my eyes are less strained and I never want to go back.”


Reader Benefit: Individuals could read in the format that works best for them, making them the best readers they can be.

Remarkable Reading

Large portions of the population can experience improvements in reading speed, accuracy, and comprehension by simply choosing to read with their optimal reading format.

You may already recognize and appreciate the value of reading format changes. Readability features are increasingly provided by content publishers and device designers. Some current examples include:

  • Individuals can change the default size of the text on smartphone and tablets
  • Many reading apps allow change of reading font, text size, and other text characteristics
  • Selected media publishers deliver some enhanced readability features for their specific content
  • Browser extensions can be installed, allowing the change of font and some attributes of reading material on a website
But so much more can be done.
Readers need consistency.

Across all reading devices and apps, providers need to offer a full set of readability features. Content providers must provide text that can be reformatted so that readers can take advantage of readability features provided.

Advocate for readability:
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  • Contact your favorite reading device manufacturer
  • Ask for websites to include readability features
  • Request readability features in your favorite apps

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