Our Approach

Engage the Ecosystem

We drive change by convening experts across the reading ecosystem to implement technology on all surfaces and for every community. The shift to a personalized reading paradigm requires the collaboration of tech, publishing, and educational partners.


Readability Matters ignites research to improve implementation recommendations. New infrastructure is necessary to support the scalability of individual reading formats for implementation in education, business, and beyond. Policies, systems, and thinking must change to drive the use of personalized reading formats to the mainstream. Cross-sector teams must create standards and systems to ensure consistent delivery.

Readability Matters Strategies: Ignite Research, Expand Implementation, Build a Movement
Strategy 1


Engage independent researchers to expand understanding of Readability Feature impacts. Develop data-driven implementation recommendations.

Strategy 2


Increase availability through tech and publishing companies adding Readability Features and reader profiles to their platforms. Sponsor supporting tool development.

Strategy 3


Drive the use of personalized reading to the mainstream. New standards are required. Policies, systems, and thinking must change.

Readability Matters’ Expected Outcomes

Our ultimate goals are to deliver:
  • increased engagement and success for student learners
  • efficiency and productivity for knowledge workers
Readability Matters-Theory of Change
See the Theory of Change article for more detail.

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