Readability Matters is committed to a research-driven approach to delivering personalized reading environments empowering everyone everywhere to achieve more. In their work to accelerate innovation in education, Digital Promise shares our commitment to research-driven work. They note that “Researchers can inform product design and teaching strategy and evolve new research methodologies that product results, in ways that match the speed of technology.”

According to a recent communication, Digital Promise indicates educators can feel overwhelmed by all of the edtech options in the marketplace. That’s why Digital Promise, in collaboration with educators, developed product certifications to help schools and districts choose products that are designed using research about how students actually learn.¬†

The Product Certifications Report

Digital Promise Designing LearningDesigning Edtech that Matters for Learning:
Research-Based Design Product Certifications
The report is available here. According to the report:

“Digital Promise is committed to developing innovations that solve authentic challenges educators and school and district administrators experience. In order to create a valuable solution for edtech decision-making, our team engaged in a rigorous year-long development process that incorporated nearly 150 stakeholder voices across the field to create the Research-Based Design product certification.”



Join the Movement, Sign the Research-Based Product Promise

Digital Promise Product PromiseVisit their website to sign the Research-Based Product Promise to let product developers know the importance of using research on learning.




About Digital Promise

The nonprofit Digital Promise was created with the mission to accelerate innovation in education to improve opportunities to learn. Their vision is that all people at every stage of their lives have access to learning experiences that help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive and continuously learn in an ever-changing world.