CSR Report Highlights How Technology can be Leveraged for Good


The FY21 Adobe Corporate Social Responsibility Report contains incredible stories of impact and inspiring examples of how technology can be leveraged for good. Adobe’s Readability initiative is a featured Adobe Changemaker.

Adobe Readability For AllReadability Matters is proud to partner with Adobe in its Readability for All initiative. Along with the Virtual Readability Lab at the University of Central Florida and the EdTech Center at World Education, we are working to build better reading to “help people of all ages and abilities read better by personalizing the reading experience on digital devices.”

Adobe has exhibited a long-standing commitment to building a company that does the right thing by focusing on people, purpose and community. This core set of values has guided them over the past forty years and inspires the 25,000+ employees around the world to focus on having more impact and inventing the future. Adobe defines its purpose in three areas where they are uniquely positioned and motivated to make a difference: Adobe for All; Creativity for All; and Technology to Transform. The Readability for All initiative is highlighted within the “Technology to Transform” purpose area.

Technology to Transform: As one of the world’s most innovative software companies with products that touch billions of people, we must take the impact of our technology as seriously as the development of the technology itself. As we continue to bring transformational technologies to market, we are committed to advancing the responsible use of technology for the good of society. Our innovations are making a significant impact through areas such as Content Authenticity, AI Ethics, Privacy & Security and Digital Literacy.
Shantanu Narayen, Chairman & CEO, Adobe Inc.

Readability Matters looks forward to continuing this important innovation work with Adobe and partners. Improved digital literacy has the potential to transform experiences for readers everywhere.


See the Adobe 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility report here.