Adobe Education Summit | July 26-28
Free and Online, Three Days of Connecting and Learning

Register today for the 2022 global Adobe Education Summit. Adobe has assembled an impressive line-up of experts, including educators, technologists, researchers, and more. They will discuss how to build skills for digital literacy and empower student learning experiences.

Readability Sessions

Lightning Learning Keynote: Digital Readability & Adobe Acrobat Reader Liquid Mode
Presenter: Dr. Shelley Rodrigo, University of Arizona

To better navigate the large amount of digitally published texts, students would benefit from understanding and using personalized reading formats (PRF) through making changes to font, size, and spacing. They then are able to implement their PRF using Liquid Mode in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Accommodating Individual Differences
Adobe Presenters: Rick Treitman, Aleena Niklaus, Rob Haverty, Hugo Pelland, Jose Echevarria, and Zoya Bylinskii

We all have different eyes and different brains. And we now have the ability to tailor consumption experiences for those differences. Come to the inclusive design session where the experts will share the latest research and features around reading and design.

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More Information

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