Go-to-Market Approach for Social Innovation

Marjorie Jordan, Founder of Readability Matters, presented to the Go to Market class in the Executive MBA program at the University of Denver (DU). She shared experiences from her career at Hewlett Packard Company and explained how her work in high tech was foundational in the formation of the tech-for-good nonprofit, Readability Matters. She shared her passion for social innovation and the opportunity to drive positive outcomes for readers everywhere.

The students considered the benefits of making small text format changes to impact readers and the challenges of changing the world’s reading paradigm. The convergence of available technology, reading apps, and digital content make it possible to take advantage of the opportunity to shift to a new personalized reading paradigm. Readability MattersMarjorie discussed the go-to-market models Readability Matters considered. Readability Matters believes that the convergence of available technology, reading apps, and digital content makes it possible to shift to a new reading paradigm, one that is personalized to enhance the reading experience for each reader by leveraging mass-market reading tools. For example, there are more than 2.5 trillion PDFs in the world today; adding Readability Features to Adobe Reader and other PDF reading apps makes a significant amount of content personalizable and more readable. Discussion followed with the students sharing their ideas and entrepreneurial insights.

Marjorie encouraged the group to use the Virtual Readability Lab to learn more about the reading formats that work best for them, making them the best readers they can be in graduate school.


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