Readability for All: Improving Literacy & Engagement through Enhanced Readability


World Education webinar readability The EdTech Center at World Education invited Adobe and Readability Matters to deliver a webinar on improving readability for their audience of adult education professionals. Hosts Jen Vanek and Victoria Neff of the EdTEch Center brought together more than 70 adult educators who incorporate technology into instruction to improve outcomes for all learners. 

World Education webinar readability hacksKathy Crowley, Founder, Readability Matters, and Rick Treitman, Entrepreneur in Residence, Document Cloud, Adobe, presented. They introduced the possibility to enhance readability with simple text format changes and shared information on tools that support personalized reading to improve reading experiences. Rick demonstrated Adobe’s new Liquid Mode with reading settings. Kathy shared Readability Matter’s recommended Readability Hacks to improve readability with products available today from Adobe, Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other digital reading app providers.

Readability Matters is excited to partner with the EdTech Center @ World Education to support these educators in improving readability for adult learners.

Watch the webinar recording here.


About EdTech Center @ World Education: The EdTech Center leverages new digital technologies to increase the reach and impact of adult education. Housed at World Education, the staff designs and implements their work in collaboration with EdTech Partners, who are a “Dream Team” of go-to experts in using educational technologies to increase the education, career, and life outcomes of lower-skilled adults and youth.