Extensive Reading Demands Managed

Claire had always been a very hard worker and a strong achiever.  As a child, she was an enthusiastic reader and regularly read for pleasure. But when she encountered the extensive reading demands of an Advanced Placement history class in high school, her grades began to slip.

Claire’s mother knew the benefits of personalized reading formats and decided to give them a try. She reformatted the history reading material and also worked with Claire’s teachers to modify the text formats of her word problems for her honors-level pre-calc class.

Modified reading material was the only change made for Claire. She received no extra help or tutoring and no reduction in the workload.

The change was a success; her reading improved with a sans-serif rounder font and increased character and line spacing. Her grades improved back to the A levels that had placed her in these demanding classes.

Claire continued to implement personalized reading formats for herself while she was in college. She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from a top US university.