Accommodating Individual Differences

At the 2022 Adobe Education Summit this summer, readability was back on the agenda. Adobe readability experts shared the latest product innovations and research in their work to create better reading experiences. Presenting to educators from around the world, the presenters discuss to potential to create opportunities for deeper learning for students of all ages.

The Adobe presenters:

  • Rick Treitman | Accommodating Individual Differences:  Rick introduces the session, explains the importance of working to create better reading, and provides background information on Adobe’s readability work.
  • Aleena Nikalaus | Digital Reading Rulers for Readers with and Without Dyslexia: Aleena summarizes Adobe’s reading ruler work presented at Vision Science Society ’21.
  • Hugo Pelland | Making PDFs Accessible, Accessibility API + Web UI: In a new and ambitious effort to make PDF the most accessible file format, Hugo shares Adobe’s work to develop the PDF Auto-Tag API.
  • Jose Echevarria | Color Accessibility: Particularly important for the readability of text over complex backgrounds, Jose discusses using free Adobe tools to assist in the use of accessible color combinations to avoid problems of poor contrast and conflicts of color for those with color blindness.
  • Zoya Bylinskii | Readability: New Research:  Zoya takes participants through a summary of Adobe’s and their collaborator’s readability research efforts across populations, features, metrics and applications.

“By varying simple properties of text, different readers can end up with vastly different reading experiences that are uniquely tailored to them and their needs.”

Zoya Bylinskii, Senior Research Scientist, Adobe


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