Base Font Effect on Reading Performance

by Readability Matters • June 24, 2019

Readability Matters advocates for the provision of a full set of Readability Features (including font choice, size, character spacing, character expansion, and line spacing.) Previous Readability Matters research has demonstrated significant numbers of readers benefit from the simple change to a clean round font, such as AvantGarde. Font matters for these readers as well as […]


Moving Toward Solutions, The Path to Personalized Reading

by Readability Matters • June 3, 2019

There are many challenges in creating a personalized reading paradigm from digital content to availability of Readability Features and the standards required to support personalized reading. The challenge is great, but the opportunity is significant. Read the full white paper here.   Moving Toward Solutions, The Path to Personalized Reading Readability Features required to tune […]