Adobe + Readability Matters, Creating Better Readability for All

Thank you, Adobe!

by Readability Matters • December 14, 2022

Adobe is Creating Better Readability   Readability Matters is grateful for our long-standing partnership with Adobe. Since our first meeting in 2017, Adobe’s Entrepreneur in Residence, Rick Treitman, has worked diligently to make better reading a reality for readers of PDF documents. Rick quickly saw the potential of improving reading proficiency through personalized reading formats […]

Readability Matters is Thankful for the Readability Community!

by Readability Matters • November 23, 2022

Thank you!   This month as we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, we at Readability Matters want to express our gratitude for the many individuals that have joined the community working to bring better reading to the world. To our Readability colleagues spread around the world: Thank you! There is tremendous power in community. […]

Readability Matters + Sobrato Philanthropies, Building Better Reading Together

Thank You, Sobrato Philanthropies!

by Readability Matters • November 21, 2022

Continuing to Build on the Promise of Better Readability   Readability Matters is grateful for the partnership of Sobrato Philanthropies. As long-time supporters of education, Sobrato continues to make investments in initiatives that improve learning outcomes for children. Recent readability research has shown that by using text formats better suited for the individual, most students […]

Invest in Better Reading - Giving Tuesday

Invest in Better Reading – Giving Tuesday!

by Readability Matters • November 17, 2022

Better Reading can Deliver Confidence, Educational, Career and Life Opportunities   The tech-for-good nonprofit Readability Matters is on a mission to improve reading outcomes. Recent research demonstrated that students achieved an average increase of 20% in the speed of accurate comprehension by using personalized reading formats. Adults can improve their reading speed by as much […]

Santa Clara University Students Innovate with a Mission

Santa Clara University Students Innovate with a Mission to Improve Reading

by Readability Matters • September 19, 2022

New Perspectives from Gen Z and Millennials   Santa Clara University students work at the intersection of innovation and mission. The university strives to develop leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion. Through experiential learning projects, students have the opportunity to work in their communities to make a difference. Thanks to a long-standing alliance with Dr. […]

5 reading tech tips for back to school

5 Reading Tech Tips for Back to School

by Readability Matters • August 25, 2022

These No-cost Reading Tools Help Students Create Better Reading Experiences   As students head back to the classroom, there’s an opportunity to take advantage of free and easy-to-use tools that can improve reading outcomes. #TuneYourText Readability research over the past several years continues to demonstrate that making small changes to digital text formats can improve […]

The Creative Educator Podcast: Reinventing How We Read

The Creative Educator: Reinventing How We Read

by Readability Matters • August 16, 2022

Readability Experts Discuss their Collaborative Strategies to Create Better Readability for All   Adobe’s Tacy Trowbridge recently sat down with readability experts Zoya Bylinskii and Ben Sawyer for a lively and engaging conversation about the future of better reading. Tacy leads Adobe’s Global Education Thought Leadership and Advocacy programs and hosts The Creative Educator podcast. […]

Google's Commitment to Improving Readability

Google’s Commitment to Improving Readability

by Readability Matters • July 13, 2022

Making the Web more Beautiful, Fast, and Open with Typography Google launched Google Fonts in 2010–making fonts free and available to everyone–to benefit the general good of the web. Today, as of this blog writing, Google Fonts is a library of 1,432 open-source font families, including 253 variable font families and APIs for convenient use […]

Designing better reading interfaces is good for business

Designing Better Reading Interfaces is Good for Business

by Readability Matters • April 12, 2022

Designing Better Reading Interfaces is Good for Business Michael Hernandez   Businesses succeed based on efficiency and speed and continually look for ways to trim costs to enhance profits. That can be a tricky thing to do during the pandemic, especially with the instability and rising costs of the labor market. And when companies are […]

Liquid Mode delivers better digital reading experiences for all students

Adobe: Liquid Mode Delivers Better Digital Reading Experiences for all Students

by Readability Matters • March 9, 2022

Adobe Introduces Pilot Programs and Research from Education In a new blog post from Adobe, Tiffany Lee describes the use of the new Liquid Mode functionality by educators. These early adopters are improving student reading experiences by using Liquid Mode to improve readability. Stories from adult learning and university settings are included. After hearing about […]