Don’t Be Afraid to Go Negative, Readability Feature: Character Spacing

by Readability Matters • December 9, 2019

Background: Tune Your Text to Improve Readability To improve reading performance, individuals need the ability to “Tune their Text” or change how words appear on the screen using a full set of “Readability Features.” These include character shape (base font determines character shape and also weight; additional features can provide width expansion of characters), size […]

Readability Matters eReading Preference Survey

University Student Survey Reveals Unique Preferences for eReading Personalization

by Readability Matters • December 2, 2019

Readability Matters invited a professor at a top 75 US National University to conduct a quick survey of reading format preference. Thirty-seven students aged 18-21 elected to participate. They were invited to play in the Readability Matters’ Sandbox and to design a format they would like to use to read. The question remains, are there […]