VSS 2020, Shaun Wallace

Individual Differences in Font Preference & Effectiveness as Applied to Interlude Reading in the Digital Age

by Readability Matters • June 30, 2020

Can we Accelerate Adult Reading? At the June 2020 virtual Vision Science Society conference, Shaun Wallace presented the results of a collaboration between Brown University, Adobe, and the University of Central Florida. The team studied the impact of fonts on reading effectiveness with the goal of investigating individuation compared to the universality of fonts for […]


Tune Your Text, Be the Best Reader You Can Be

by Readability Matters • June 26, 2020

Be the Best Reader You Can Be Many different audio signals can be adjusted for a better sound experience. In the same way, visual components of text format can be adjusted to create a better reading experience. Technology offers new opportunities for you as an individual to Tune Your Text. Readability Features control character size, […]

Hundred.org Readability Innovation page

Readability Matters, Now Live On HundrED.org

by Readability Matters • June 18, 2020

HundrED.org is a not-for-profit organization, which seeks and shares inspiring innovations in K12 education Their goal is to help improve education and inspire a movement by encouraging pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations to spread across the world. HundrED researches innovations in K12 education from around the world. All of their insights and innovations are documented, packaged, […]

Tea for Teaching Pedagogies of Care Digital Reading

Tea for Teaching Preview: Skim, Dive Surface: Strategies for Digital Reading in the College Classroom

by Readability Matters • June 11, 2020

Can Digital Reading Improve the Academic Experience? Get a cup of your favorite tea and join Tea for Teaching podcast hosts John Kane and Rebecca Mushtare as they discuss reading in a digital environment with Dr. Jenae Cohn of Stanford University. The episode, Pedagogies of Care: Digital Reading, previews Dr. Cohn’s new book, Skim, Dive, […]