Adobe Education Leader's Summit 2020

Adobe Education Leader’s Summit 2020

by Readability Matters • July 28, 2020

Readability Matters at the Adobe Education Leader’s Summit   Marjorie Jordan, Readability Matters Founder, joined partners Rick Treitman of Adobe, Ben D. Sawyer of the University of Central Florida, and Shelley Rodrigo of the University of Arizona to present their collective readability work at the virtual Adobe Education Leader’s Summit. The Adobe Education team and […]

Readability Matters for College and University Learners

Readability Matters for College and University Learners

by Readability Matters • July 27, 2020

An Instructor Guide Engaging and Motivating College Student Readers through Customizable Reading Text Interface Jenae Cohn, Ph.D., Kathy Crowley, and Marjorie Jordan   In higher education today, students access materials for learning in a variety of formats, from print textbooks to e-books, and PDFs. Given the importance of digital environments for delivering core college course […]

Personalized formats reduce Cognitive load, Meaghan Crowley-Sullivan

Increase Readability, Reduce Cognitive Load: Freeing Working Memory for Processing Meaning

by Readability Matters • July 16, 2020

Increase Readability, Reduce Cognitive Load Freeing Working Memory for Processing Meaning Meaghan Crowley-Sullivan, M.Ed., M.A.   How does Readability Affect Cognitive Load, Fluency, and Comprehension? Research studies have shown a direct connection between reading fluency and comprehension. Individuals who process and recognize words quickly can determine the meaning and engage in critical thinking skills faster […]

Find what works for you at the virtual Readability Lab

Virtual Readability Lab Launched

by Readability Matters • July 8, 2020

Take our 5-Minute Tests at the Virtual Readability Lab The Virtual Readability Lab, an online tool provided by Adobe, the University of Central Florida, and Readability Matters, allows adults to participate in 5-minute reading tests. These tests determine the font or character spacing that help readers read faster or enjoy reading more. The testing material […]