Adobe MAX 2020 This changes Everything: New Approaches to Reading

Adobe Max 2020 — This Changes Everything: New Approaches to Reading

by Readability Matters • September 28, 2020

Learn More About Readability at Adobe MAX 2020 (an online-only event, free for everyone) Adobe officially announced that its largest annual conference, Adobe MAX, would be moving online. The company promises to make Digital MAX 2020 “one of the most immersive, imaginative, and innovative digital events of the year” that will be “open to everyone at no cost.” And, […]

Vision Sciences Society - Oderkerk-Beier

Widened Letter Shapes Have Implications for Improved Readability

by Readability Matters • September 28, 2020

Research Highlight Chiron A.T. Oderkerk and Sofie Beier of the Centre for Visibility Design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark, presented a poster at the June 2020 virtual Vision Sciences Society conference. The study “Fonts of Wider Letter Shapes Improve Recognition in Peripheral Vision,” investigated the effect of font width […]


Adobe Announces Liquid Mode

by Readability Matters • September 23, 2020

“Adobe unveils ambitious multi-year vision for PDF: Introduces Liquid Mode” Today Ashley Still, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Digital Media at Adobe, announced Liquid Mode and new Readability Features in Adobe Reader. Given the frustrations of reading documents on mobile devices, Adobe has made these new features available first in the free Adobe Acrobat […]

United Nations 75th Anniversary

The United Nations, 75th Anniversary

by Readability Matters • September 21, 2020

United Nations Focuses on Improving Learning Outcomes to Benefit Business and Society This week the United Nations marked the 75th anniversary of the signing of the U.N. charter. Leaders gathered virtually to address challenges and issues facing our global community. The UN site notes, “The UN is marking its 75th anniversary at a time of […]

Cost of Low Adult Literacy

The Cost of Low Adult Literacy in the US: $2.2 Trillion a Year

by Readability Matters • September 15, 2020

Forbes reports Low Literacy Levels Among U.S. Adults Could Be Costing The Economy $2.2 Trillion A Year   The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy engaged Gallup to estimate the cost of adult literacy to the US economy. Gallup estimates that low levels of adult literacy could be costing the U.S. as much $2.2 trillion […]