Reader Variability – Toward More Equitable Learning and Assessment

by Readability Matters • August 17, 2021

More Readable Text Formats, Reading Personalized for the Individual Very subtle changes in text format can create meaningful changes in comprehension for readers (Dr. Susanne Nobles of ReadWorks at the Adobe for Education Summit). A novel 2021 reading study evaluated 250 K-8th grade students using text formats featuring varied character spacing and/or width. Great news! […]

Microsoft's New NLP-Based Reading Resource

An important First Step: Microsoft Announces NLP Based Reading Progress Resource

by Readability Matters • May 25, 2021

Tech Update New in Microsoft Teams: Reading Progress   Citing a recent study from Stanford illustrating the flattened growth of Oral Reading Fluency during the pandemic, Microsoft announced the launch of Reading Progress, a resource to help build opportunities for students and educators to get back on track with reading development. Reading Progress in Teams supports students […]

Surprising Impacts: Readability and Reading Rulers, axe-con

Adobe Results at axe-con: Reading Settings and Reading Rulers

by Readability Matters • March 19, 2021

Adobe shares the Liquid Mode Development Story and Results of Readability and Reading Ruler Studies An Adobe team consisting of Robert Haverty – Senior Product Manager, Document Cloud Accessibility, Matthew Hardy – Senior Engineering Manager, Document Cloud, Jamila Keba – Frontend Developer for Acrobat’s Liquid Mode, and Rick Treitman – Entrepreneur in Residence, presented Thursday […]


Adobe Announces Liquid Mode

by Readability Matters • September 23, 2020

“Adobe unveils ambitious multi-year vision for PDF: Introduces Liquid Mode” Today Ashley Still, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Digital Media at Adobe, announced Liquid Mode and new Readability Features in Adobe Reader. Given the frustrations of reading documents on mobile devices, Adobe has made these new features available first in the free Adobe Acrobat […]


The Promise of Variable Fonts

by Readability Matters • August 21, 2020

Variable Fonts Deliver New Possibilities for Enhanced Readability   Readability Begins with Typography While not widely recognized beyond the research community, typography design is a foundational element of reading performance. Research demonstrates that readers respond differently to changes in character shape and spacing. These typographical features are fixed in the static fonts we use today, […]

Readability Hacks: What Can I do Now?

Readability Hacks – Improve Readability Today

by Readability Matters • August 20, 2020

Hacks to Improve Readability   The term “hack” entered general English language usage with a new sense of “solution” or “work-around,” as in the phrase “life hack.” A Readability Hack is a work-around that provides an improved reading experience today, in advance of a full set of Readability Features being implemented in a reading app. […]

The Readability Features Demo Sandbox

by Readability Matters • October 23, 2019

Come Play in our Sandbox! Today, Readability Matters added a sandbox to the website. Software developers often create a test environment, called a sandbox, with elements for the intended users to try before the code is built, tested and deployed. Our sandbox allows readers to Tune Their Text, to experience controlling the text format changes […]