Readability Consortium Launches to Inform Next-Generation Reading Solutions

The Readability Consortium will explore ways to enable better reading and shift reading outcomes by personalizing text format for the individual.

Fort Collins, Feb. 15, 2022 – It is widely accepted that reading is one of the most efficient ways to acquire information, with an estimated 85% of learning based on the written word. Yet nearly 70% of adults and children could be better readers. New insights from a growing body of readability research demonstrate that personalizing text format for the individual can increase reading speed and comprehension by 20% or more.

Announced today, The Readability Consortium is a collaborative research initiative launched to build on this important work. Readability Matters is proud to be a founding member joining Adobe, Inc., the University of Central Florida and Google. This group, comprised of industry, research and nonprofit organizations, is committed to building data and open-source tools required for better digital reading solutions.



For the last fifteen years, Readability Matters founders Kathy Crowley and Marjorie Jordan have been talking to tech companies about the importance of treating reading as an individual activity. Giving each reader material in their preferred format will make them the best reader they can be. This is only possible, however, with evidence-based decision-making and research-informed solutions. Co-founder Kathy Crowley notes, “Our mission requires first-class research to inform strong solutions that can improve reading outcomes for all ages.”

As reading skill is a predictor of success in school and success in life, better reading experiences are much more than “nice to have” – better reading is a social imperative. Factor in an increase in digital reading for workers and students, and improvements in reading efficiencies are even more urgent. “Today’s announcement is just the beginning,” explains Marjorie Jordan, co-founder of Readability Matters. “We hope to rapidly expand to include additional technology and publishing partners. This research is a necessary first step to get next-generation reading platforms in the hands of all readers.”

Personalized reading formats increase reading speed and comprehension, but they also increase reader engagement and change educational, career, and life opportunities. Join us in giving exponentially more people access to more ideas. Help us create the reading platforms needed for better learning and more productivity at work.


For more information, visit The Readability Consortium. For more on today’s announcement, see Adobe, Google and UCF.

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