More Detail on the 2018 Tech Proof of Concept Test with Adobe

Adobe Max 2020 Rick TreitmanIn his Adobe MAX 2020 readability presentation, Document Cloud Entrepreneur in Residence, Rick Treitman shared further information about a 2018 Proof of Concept test. As reported, Readability Matters Founders approached Adobe to share Readability insights. Moving from a one-format-fits-all paradigm to one of Personalized Reading Formats can change a reader’s speed, accuracy, and comprehension, and ultimately reading outcomes.


Adobe Acrobat Reader Prototype

Adobe Reader Prototype

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Adobe built a prototype version of Acrobat Reader incorporating the ability to change the font, size, character spacing, line height, character stretch.




Grade 3 Test Results


Rick explains that readers of all reading levels were impacted. After discussing the slowest reader that gained 27 correct words per minute, Rick observed, “One of the most interesting things about these results is that the fastest student in the class showed the same improvement of 27 [correct] words per minute… This matches the thinking from Readability Matters that The right format helps people at all levels of reading, not just the people who struggle but people who are reading pretty well already.” Readers of all levels can benefit.

Tech Proof of Concept Results White Paper