Personalization is the Foundation

We celebrate the engineers, researchers, scientists, educators who are all partnering to build better reading today. In 2021, researchers again demonstrated the importance of personalized reading formats; a cognitive scientist collaborating with a typographer and an educator used new methods to observe improvements in reading comprehension driven by small changes to text format. A computer scientist used machine learning to predict the fastest font for each reader. Prosody studies began.

Join us in building next-generation reading platforms supporting reader personalization


Together in 2022, we will:

Readability Matters - Strategic Approach

Ignite Research

  • Launch a research consortium
  • Publish the K-8 readability comprehension research results
  • Fund a dyslexia comprehension study
  • Fund a study to better understand changes in student learning trajectory using personalized reading formats

Expand Infrastructure Availability

  • Expand readability features in tech and edTech tools
  • Launch readability pilot program
  • Create supporting tools (standards, profiles and assessment)

Build a Movement

  • Grow the community of readability technology evangelists
  • Amplify the work through conferences and media
  • Form the Education Leadership Council to inform implementation plans
  • Create implementation guides and lesson plans


Join Us

The collective community of partners continues to expand. To create the future of reading, we must work together. Let’s put better reading in the hands of those who work with text and numbers, seek knowledge, learn in school, and enjoy reading.