“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. I love reading both because it’s enjoyable and it plays a critical role in helping me become a better leader.”
Harry S. Truman


Most leaders read four to five books a month. Leaders from the c-suite, the board room, political world leaders, influencers and game changers read about 60 books per year.

Even as global literacy rates are high (84%), people are reading less and less deeply ... that literacy may not translate into more or deeper reading. Harvard Business ReviewWhat does the average person read per year?

According to Pew Research studies, typical Americans read four books per year with about three-quarters of Americans reading at least one book.

That’s a dramatic difference.

Successful Readers Buffet: 5-6 hours a day Gates: a book a week Zuckerberg: "an emphasis on learning about different cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies" Business Insider

Reading will open new opportunities for professional success. It’s the best and most efficient way to acquire and assimilate information. Reading can improve intelligence, increase vocabulary, increase communication skills, and improve a leader’s ability to work with and understand others.

Leaders do not just read business books. The Harvard Business Review notes that “reading novels can improve empathy and understanding of social cues… traits that author Anne Kreamer persuasively linked to increased organizational effectiveness, and to pay raises and promotions for the leaders who possessed these qualities.”

Business Insider reports that “Most successful people credit reading, in some capacity, as a factor in their success.”

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