Hacks to Improve Readability


Readability-HacksThe term “hack” entered general English language usage with a new sense of “solution” or “work-around,” as in the phrase “life hack.” A Readability Hack is a work-around that provides an improved reading experience today, in advance of a full set of Readability Features being implemented in a reading app.

Readers can learn what major reading app providers (Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and more) are delivering today by visiting the Readability Hacks Aa Report.


Adobe Liquid Mode Readability ControlsReadability Matters is working with these tech and publishing companies to expand the availability of Readability Features that allow users to create Personalized Reading Formats.

Whether reading for school, work, or pleasure, check out the available Readability Features.

Tune Your Text


Shown here are text size, and character and line spacing in Adobe Liquid Mode.


Experiment with Readability Features

Readers can play with Readability Features in the Readability Matters Sandbox. Which font do you prefer? Do you like to increase the space between letters or lines?

Additionally, Readability Matters’ works to ignite research used to inform product features that will make you the best reader you can be. Try the Virtual Reading Lab tests to see which fonts or spacing are best for you.