The Promise of Variable Fonts

by Readability Matters • August 21, 2020

Variable Fonts Deliver New Possibilities for Enhanced Readability   Readability Begins with Typography While not widely recognized beyond the research community, typography design is a foundational element of reading performance. Research demonstrates that readers respond differently to changes in character shape and spacing. These typographical features are fixed in the static fonts we use today, […]

Readability Hacks: What Can I do Now?

Readability Hacks – Improve Readability Today

by Readability Matters • August 20, 2020

Hacks to Improve Readability   The term “hack” entered general English language usage with a new sense of “solution” or “work-around,” as in the phrase “life hack.” A Readability Hack is a work-around that provides an improved reading experience today, in advance of a full set of Readability Features being implemented in a reading app. […]

KPMG + Readability Matters

Readability Matters + KPMG: Community Impact Grant

by Readability Matters • August 12, 2020

KPMG Community Impact Grant Awarded to Readability Matters Honoring and celebrating a spirit of giving, KPMG Community Impact and the KPMG U.S. Foundation, Inc. teamed up to launch a new Community Impact Grants program. KPMG employees were encouraged to nominate nonprofit organizations for grant consideration. The company received over 1,400 submissions for Community Impact Grants and […]