ProLiteracy: Why a Text Adjustment Might Increase Fluency

ProLiteracy: Why a Text Adjustment Might Increase Fluency

by Readability Matters • June 21, 2021

From the ProLiteracy Blog A recent blog on the ProLiteracy website highlights the topic of readability and an upcoming session at the ProLiteracy Conference in September. ProLiteracy’s Laura McLaughlin notes that,  “Literacy instructors know how important fluency is to a student’s overall ability to read and comprehend text. By gaining fluency, a new reader shifts […]

Readability Stories: Picture vs. Partner

Stories: Picture vs Partner

by Readability Matters • June 21, 2021

Students Correct Their 3rd Grade Teacher   Readability Matters heard from a 3rd-grade teacher this week. She was recently reading to her class; students interrupted her to point out that she had mistakenly read “picture” rather than “partner.” As this teacher explains, the basic shape of these two words is very similar. As reading skills […]

Changing Patterns of Growth in Oral Reading Fluency During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stanford Paper: Pandemic Impacts Reading Fluency Development

by Readability Matters • June 18, 2021

Fluency Growth Stalled The Center for Policy Analysis for California Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education evaluated changes in Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) for students in early elementary school. Their goal was to understand changes that may have occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The report states that reading skills among […]

Stories - Henry - Why the Math of Reading Matters

Henry’s Story: Why the Math of Reading Matters

by Readability Matters • June 1, 2021

Reading with Personalized Reading Formats Improves Fluency   What if you could improve a student’s reading proficiency by making small adjustments to text format? For Henry, that is exactly what happened. Educators apply mathematically based assessments to determine reading proficiency. In simple terms, the reading fluency measure is based on counting the words read in […]