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A recent blog on the ProLiteracy website highlights the topic of readability and an upcoming session at the ProLiteracy Conference in September.

ProLiteracy’s Laura McLaughlin notes that,  “Literacy instructors know how important fluency is to a student’s overall ability to read and comprehend text. By gaining fluency, a new reader shifts from decoding each individual word to reading with speed and accuracy to understand the content.”

Laura suggests that though there is research done on fluency and there are proven techniques targeting fluency improvements, it is not clear how much consideration is given to the way letters and words are placed on the page for the student. She includes information from an interview with Readability Matters’ Founder, Marjorie Jordan, who explains that the best reading format for an individual is not “one-format-fits-all.”

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ProLiteracy Conference 2021

Tune Your Text: Tech to Support Readability of Digital Texts

Readability Matters Founders Marjorie Jordan and Kathy Crowley, along with Jen Vanek, Director of Digital Learning and Research from EdTech [email protected] Education, and Rick Treitman, Entrepreneur in Residence at Adobe, will be presenting a workshop titled “Tune Your Text: Tech to Support Readability of Digital Texts” at the 2021 ProLiteracy Conference on Adult Education. The workshop will summarize recent research and spotlight innovations that enhance learner engagement with digital texts. 

202 ProLiteracy Conference

Learn more about the conference here.