Readability Matters White Paper:

Advancing the Reading Ecosystem Toward a Future of Personalized Reading: Human Factors Research + IT Systems Promise Value for Education, Business and Individuals

Kathy Crowley and Marjorie Jordan

May 7, 2019


It is well proven that small changes to text format impact reading speed and accuracy for individuals. Further, the speed of accurate reading, “reading fluency,” directly correlates to comprehension. Ubiquitous technology creates the opportunity for personalized content delivered to individuals. Reading is accomplished on a host of digital platforms and applications. Currently, there is no infrastructure to allow support of individually best reading formats at scale. Significant innovation is required. Combining existing technology in new ways to improve reading proficiency increases learning, work accuracy, and reading enjoyment. Existing technologies must be combined to form scalable infrastructure, allowing each reader to read with their individually best format without creating a burden on the content creators, educators, or readers to manage the formatting. These systems must be implemented at no cost to the reader.

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