Better Readability = Better Reading

↑Speed, ↑Accuracy, ↑Comprehension


We’ve all done it… We change the text size on our phones with a quick hand movement. Instantly, we read more quickly and more accurately. We are familiar with the change to reading performance with simple changes to text size. But, we may not know that other changes can be equally impactful. Changing character size, shape (easily adjusted with a different font, or with an adjustment to character width), or spacing (character and line spacing), can all impact our reading performance. These changes are typically under-appreciated. In fact, changing readability features can produce significant improvements in reading speed, even 20-50% or more.

You know this is true. You have seen it happen on your phone. Don’t underestimate how significant the changes are when reading more than a quick text. Researchers estimate that even for a skilled reader, choosing the ideal format can improve their reading by as much as 239 words per minute. That’s like reading War and Peace in 18 hours rather than 35 hours; you might read as much as 4-5 pages more an hour.

Play in the Readability Matters demo Sandbox to explore which readability features might be important to you. With better readability, you can get more done!