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Readability Matters is grateful for our long-standing partnership with Adobe. Since our first meeting in 2017, Adobe’s Entrepreneur in Residence, Rick Treitman, has worked diligently to make better reading a reality for readers of PDF documents. Rick quickly saw the potential of improving reading proficiency through personalized reading formats and championed the Readability initiative inside Adobe. Adobe wants to provide better reading to their customers — new features are in Acrobat’s Liquid Mode for mobile platforms today.

As the work progressed, Rick engaged Adobe Research Scientist Dr. Zoya Bylinskii to rigorously evaluate personalized text format impacts. Learning more has become their mission. Adobe funded the Virtual Readability Lab at the University of Central Florida; Zoya has formed a research community pulling together an informal network of researchers around the world. Additionally, Adobe is a founding and sponsoring member of a readability research consortium.

Adobe is focused on how its tools can transform the world. They have invested years of research in using technology to improve the experience of reading digital documents. Through their Readability Initiative, they are working with educators, nonprofits, and technologists. Adobe intends to make reading better for everyone: to help those struggling to read proficiently and to empower those proficient readers to read even better — more efficiently, with less strain, with less fatigue.

Thank you, Adobe! We are grateful for your generous funding. Together we are making everyone everywhere the best reader they can be.



Adobe's Readability Initiative

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Adobe: product innovations for digital reading

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