Adobe Launches New Readability Blog

Adobe Launches New Readability Blog

by Readability Matters • March 25, 2021

With a story about his grandchildren, prescription eyeglasses, and readability, Adobe Entrepreneur in Residence, Rick Treitman launched the Adobe Readability blog. The article, Read Different: User-centered Approaches Improve Reading for All highlights Adobe’s investments in readability product functionality and research. In September, Adobe announced the addition of Liquid Mode to Reader, allowing the reader to […]

Collaborative Inter-Disciplinary Readability Research

A Collaborative Interdisciplinary Readability Research Approach

by Readability Matters • March 20, 2021

The Launch of a Readability Research Community Bringing Together Experts From Vision Science, Cognitive Science, Human Factors, Education, Typography, and more Dr. Zoya Bylinskii, Research Scientist at Adobe, began exploring readability in 2019 with her Adobe collaborator Rick Treitman, together with an intern – PhD candidate Shaun Wallace of Brown University. Coming to the project […]

Surprising Impacts: Readability and Reading Rulers, axe-con

Adobe Results at axe-con: Reading Settings and Reading Rulers

by Readability Matters • March 19, 2021

Adobe shares the Liquid Mode Development Story and Results of Readability and Reading Ruler Studies An Adobe team consisting of Robert Haverty – Senior Product Manager, Document Cloud Accessibility, Matthew Hardy – Senior Engineering Manager, Document Cloud, Jamila Keba – Frontend Developer for Acrobat’s Liquid Mode, and Rick Treitman – Entrepreneur in Residence, presented Thursday […]

The Change Agent in the Readability Sandbox

WorldEd’s Change Agent in the Readability Sandbox

by Readability Matters • March 15, 2021

Readability Matters Partners with the EdTech Center @ WorldEd to make a Change Agent article available in our Readability Sandbox Readability Matters is pleased to feature a fun article from The Change Agent, a magazine published for adult learners and their educators in our Readability Sandbox. Our partners at the EdTech Center @ World Education […]

Tune Your Text: Tech to Support Digital Reading

by Readability Matters • March 1, 2021

Tune Your Text: Tech to Support Readability of Digital Text Join Readability Matters at the national conference of the Coalition on Basic Adult Education (COABE) at 2:00 CDT, on March 22, 2021. The EdTech Center at World Education, Adobe, and Readability Matters will be discussing the opportunity to Tune Your Text for better digital reading. […]