The global pandemic has changed how students are educated. Worldwide, 9 out of 10 children, or 1.57 billion learners, are out of school (UNESCO, April 2020). Education looks different with students now at home being educated by their parents and by teachers remotely.

#LearningNeverStopsTo tackle this challenge, organizations across sectors are working together with new urgency developing infrastructure and innovative solutions to address the needs of remote learners. Educators, publishers, and edTech providers are solving long-standing problems and changing educational paradigms. While technology can never replace the classroom experience, technology solutions are enabling children to continue learning while away from the schools.

“Investment in remote learning should both mitigate the immediate disruption caused by COVID-19 and establish approaches to develop more open and flexible education systems for the future.”
UNESCO Global Education Coalition

It will be a new world when students go back to the classroom. How will these new digital advancements transform education? How will we take advantage of the expanded technology infrastructure? Will there be new opportunities to include Readability Features, enabling improved reading performance, in the additional digital platforms created?

Today we still face the impact of the global pandemic on our students. Readability Matters salutes educators and parents who are keeping students engaged in learning, wherever they are.