Fast Company World Chaning Ideas Awards, Readability-Matters-World-Changing-Ideas-Finalist

Fast Company Names Readability Matters as Finalist in World Changing Ideas Awards

by Readability Matters • April 28, 2020

April 28, 2020 —  Fast Company has announced the winners of its World Changing Ideas Awards, which honor businesses, policies, projects, and concepts that offer innovative solutions to the issues facing humanity. Readability Matters is honored to be selected as a finalist in the Experimental category, which includes ventures that “have the potential to change […]


Fast Company Announces World Changing Ideas 2020 Winners

by Readability Matters • April 28, 2020

Every year, Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards honor the businesses and organizations driving change in the world. This year, as the escalating crises of the coronavirus and economic collapse continue, the bold ideas we feature here seem more vital than ever.  Read the full article here. Readability Matters is a finalist in the Experimental […]

Building Word Knowledge

Building Word Knowledge with WKe-Books

by Readability Matters • April 22, 2020

In a 2018 Computers & Education paper, Connor et al. studied the potential impact of technology within learning opportunities provided in the classroom. The study was funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, a part of the US Department of Education. The randomized controlled trial included 603 students in 25 third- through fifth-grade classrooms. A […]

Work From Anywhere

Work From Anywhere

by Readability Matters • April 21, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how millions around the globe work, are educated, and stay connected. While the toll on human life and economies continues to rise, it is clear that the world will not return to the way it was before COVID-19 arrived; new business models have emerged. As the economy restarts, we have […]

CHI Accelerating Adult Readers With Typeface

Accelerating Adult Readers With Typeface

by Readability Matters • April 21, 2020

Published in the proceedings of the Computer Human Interaction (CHI) Conference 2020, was this study of font as a factor in accelerating adult reading. The 63 participants were aged 18-55; they were 12 university students and 51 from digital testing platforms. Those with low comprehension scores were removed, leaving a population of skilled readers. The […]

Thank you, ReadWorks!

by Readability Matters • April 17, 2020

Readability Matters is excited to announce that we have teamed up with the nonprofit ReadWorks to enhance testing materials used in research with K-12 students. ReadWorks uses cognitive science research to create world-class content. They currently serve over 16 million students and are growing rapidly as learning becomes more digital. Readability Matters uses ReadWorks carefully […]

The Great Typography Bake-Off

The Great Typography Bake-off

by Readability Matters • April 20, 2020

In a paper published in Ergonomics, the International Journal of Research and Practice in Human Factors and Ergonomics, Sawyer, Dobres, Chahine and Reimer compared differences in glance-based legibility of eight sans-serif typefaces. Their research demonstrates that differences measured in milliseconds are significant in time-pressured situations, such as driving. The Bake-Off, Comparing Font Characteristics The authors note […]

Learn From Anywhere

Learn From Anywhere

by Readability Matters • April 15, 2020

The global pandemic has changed how students are educated. Worldwide, 9 out of 10 children, or 1.57 billion learners, are out of school (UNESCO, April 2020). Education looks different with students now at home being educated by their parents and by teachers remotely. To tackle this challenge, organizations across sectors are working together with new […]